International media comments that two Albanian ethnics manifestants were killed on Saturday during the street demonstrations in Kosovo, most likely because of the rubber bullets shot by Romanian gendarmes in the UN peace corps.

The Romanian Gendarmerie officials, contacted by, didn't confirm the information, saying only that the Romanian policemen acted according to the regulations.

The possibility for Romanian military to be involved in the tragic incidents is under investigation since Monday, according to sources in Kosovo.

"The local police force, KPC, was assisted by several UN police and gendarmerie units, from Ukraine, Poland and Romania. As far as we know, only the Romanian troops were equipped for intervention", says Jeta Xharra, reporter for the Balkans Media Investigation Network (BIRN-Kosovo).

Xharra avoided to point at anyone but said he watched six hours of video footage, seeing rubber bullets being shot at head level, with high frequency.

Other 70 people were injured during the events.