All prices included in energy procurement contracts will be made public starting February 23, Romanian Economy minister Varujan Vosganian announced in a press conference on Tuesday.

He said for the time being 40% of electricity on Romanian market goes to the regulated sector (private consumers), 30% goes to intermediated contracts, 7-8% goes to bilateral contracts and 12-15% is reserved for next day necessities.

Vosganian said the volume of bilateral contracts is expected to grow to 40-50% of the total energy contracts within years. The move will lead to the disappearance of intermediaries - the so-called “smart guys” that have become the subject of a large scale investigation into energy-related organized crimes in Romania.

And it would also establish market mechanisms as the only way to set prices, he said.

Vosganian said that since the beginning of 2007 no contracts have been signed between producers and intermediaries directly. And he warned all producers concluding such contracts that they would be dismissed from office.

Vosganian said he expected 7-8% higher energy prices this year according to efforts to keep energy price growth close to the inflation rate.