A call for the suspension of Romanian President Traian Basescu, compiled by Romanian opposition group the Social Democratic Party (PSD), spreads over 25 pages and is structured in six chapters referring to no less than 27 Constitutional articles. HotNews.ro has obtained the document and published it fully on the Romanian-language version of the website.

Among others The document says President Traian Basescu started his term by repeatedly manifesting tendencies of authoritarian rule, in breach with Constitutional boundaries. It said the head of state has taunted the civil society against public authorities instead of acting as a mediator.

It dismisses Basescu’s statements suggesting an unconstitutional behavior fall in line with rules regulating opinion immunity and claims his deeds have had serious consequences.

The document claims the President defied Constitutional norms that demanded a neutral stance and balance towards political parties. It says accuses Basescu of naming the incumbent prime minister without prior consultations with parliamentary parties and claims he defied the principle of parliamentary autonomy.

And it says the President’s recent statements that MPs have only pushed “laws for criminals” ignores the thousands of laws promoted by the Romanian Parliament over the past several years to support Romania’s EU accession.

The document also charges the President of trying to become a substitute of the Government and to subordinate ministries and ministers directly.

The opposition Social Democrats have been threatening with a call for the suspension of President Traian Basescu for weeks. They received the support of the governing Liberal Party-PNL, which shares power with Basescu’s Democrats, for changes to a law that simplifies referendum rules to suspend the head of state.

But overall support for a proper call for the suspension, expected this week, is yet unclear.