The Democratic Party (PD), a member of the governing coalition in Bucharest, will challenge recent House-supported changes to the referendum law at the Constitutional Court on Monday.

The changes are aimed at easing the procedures for the suspension of the head of state through a referendum and were pushed by the opposition Social Democrats (PSD), with support from PD’s coalition partners, the Liberals (PNL).

PD leader Emil Boc had said on Friday that the Constitutional Court move was signed by 50 Democratic MPs, 15 MPs of the newly-formed, pro-presidency Liberal Democrats (PLD) and several independent MPs.

Boc’s party supports President Basescu in a political clash that put the head of state at odds with both the opposition and Liberal PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu. It believes that new rules that will allow the suspension of the president if 50% plus one voters support the move in a referendum are not constitutional.