Romanian parliamentarians consider themselves offended by a recent speech held by president Basescu during a session of the National Anti Corruption Prosecution Office. "In the spirit and according to the articles in the Constitution, we demand president Basescu to publicly withdraw the statements made…", a PM's common statement draft reads.

The entire fuss is around a part of Basescu's speech in which he referred generally to politicians (not only parliamentarians) who passed laws in order to exonerate a single criminal, a fact that proves, Basescu says, the connection between the organized crime and the political class.

Basescu also mentioned, without pointing at anyone, the cases of "politicians sponsored by businessmen". The Permanent Bureaus of the Senate and in the House of Deputies "firmly reject such statements".

According to the Senate speaker, Nicolae Vacaroiu, the statement draft was adopted with a huge majority - 18 votes in favor, 2 against and one abstention.