A first sign of normality in the Romanian politics, after more than a month of scandal so out of control that financial businesses started wondering whether the national currency, RON, would be affected or not.

News are close to normal - as normal as they can cat in Romania, with some taxes disturbing the inner peace that usually takes over people before the weekend arrived.

European Union launches its "Green crusade", demanding the obligatory decrease of polluting gas emissions for new cars, down to a maximum of 120 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

In case the recommendations made by the European Commission become reality, Europe's cars park would become the cleanest in the world, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Another sign of normality, this time in the interior politics: Prime Minister Tariceanu demanded the political parties to cease their attempt to suspend president Basescu, at least until the elections for the European Parliament, Gandul reads, like all other newspapers.

Not enough reason for the former president, Ion Iliescu, who declares in an interview for Cotidianul that Basescu "is the kind of man who praises your father and than curses your mother", whatever that political metaphor may mean.

Upset with the president or not, the deputies have a reason to be happy: they may use their job-cars to visit the European Union member states, pretending they go visit the Romanians working abroad, same Gandul found out.

And another piece of good news: Romanian flight operator Tarom is the second most punctual company in Europe, with 88.4% of its flights leaving and arriving on time.

Tarom is surpassed by Luxair (Luxembourg), while major companies like Air France and British Airways are quite far from the top (13th and 25th, respectively), according to a study quoted in Gandul.

Unaware of the study, reporters from Cotidianul inform that the same Tarom will have new destination, lower prices and several promotional offerings this summer.

Good news, since taking the highway isn't an option yet, and it won't be before 2014, Cotidianul reads. The term for completing the pan-European fourth corridor is now estimated for 2014, five years later than the previous Transport Minister believed it would be.

Still, Romanians aren't all that happy: they still need their passports while visiting EU countries, not for crossing the borders, but for checking in at hotels, Adevarul found out.

Another reason to be unhappy: the income of all Romanians will soon support a new 0.6% tax for "unions", affecting even the two million people who aren't part of any labor union. 30 million euros move towards an unknown budget, Cotidianul comments.

Another immoral tax is the Health Fund contribution imposed to those who have been working abroad for quite a while now. After Bill Gates' visit to Romania, his Romanian employees decided to change their passports so that they wouldn’t have an official address here.

Some of them had to pay 6.5% of their income as obligatory health insurance in Romania, although they only came here once for a short visit during the past three years, Romania Libera reads.

For the very few Romanians who really get paid, Visa Platinum will be available soon through Banca Transilvania, enabling their access to private areas in airports, car rental discounts and other advantages, Gandul informs. And we really mean "for the very few", since the minimum income to get such a card is 3,500 euros per month.