President Traian basescu renewed his attacks on politicians assisted by business people in Romania, in a speech that followed the release of the latest activity report of the National Anticorruption Department-DNA.

And he used the occasion to hit at the current government, whom he accuses of being “on the brink of losing the huge change of providing a modern state to the Romanian people”.

In his speech, he raised the issue of politicians who built their careers with support from business people, about laws passed in the interest of political clients, about the need to condemn those who provided public support to notoriously corrupt businesses such as those involving the defunct Bancorex bank and the Agricultural Bank or the smuggling scheme Tigareta II.

But he said the DNA was starting to deliver a palpable improvement of its activity as “it is seen through what is available for the public that the institution started to abandon the complex of bowing to politicians, to people in key positions who are under investigation”.