The Government’s Press Office announced that Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu demanded the resignation of the Foreign Minister, given the situation created after the PM admitted he had no knowledge of the two Romanian workers detained in Iraq by the US Army.

According to the Govt. press release, Ungureanu accepted to resign, assuming the responsibility for the Ministry’s misbehavior in the case.

There was no official confirmation of the resignation from the Foreign Ministry.

The Foreign Ministry explained on Friday for the first time the reasons for not informing the governmental cabinet on the predicament of the two Romanian workers.

“Given the first accusation, of hostile acts against other states, which is not under the competence of the Foreign Ministry, we decided to inform president Basescu, since he is the head of the National Supreme Defense Council”, the Foreign Ministry release reads.

Liberal leaders are still in search of a replacement. It is not the first time the Liberal minister Ungureanu has different opinions from the Liberal leaders. The last important conflict rose when Ungureanu voted against the return of Romanian soldiers from Iraq.