Bill Gates is in Romania to make everyone believe the place has something nice in it. As if employed to break any Romanian dream, European studies indicate that Romanians are the suffering the most from stress and have the highest cancer incidence.

The political crisis that officially ended a week ago continues with more and more aggressive statements. For a bad finishing taste, the Romanian wine is threatened by imports.

All newspapers praise Bill Gates' modesty, unusual for the journalists familiar with flashy wealth. A nice and rather long story is published in Evenimentul Zilei, but one may find shorter versions in the rest of newspapers.

When it comes to health, Romanians are as usual, the red lantern. 52% of the inhabitants suffer from stress, compared to an European average of 33%. As results: overweight, stomach burns, toothaches and migraines, Adevarul reads.

Holland has the lowest stress rate, and we believe it may be because of their special coffee shops.

Romanians also lead in cancer, with hundreds of women dying because of breast and uterus cancer. The cancer cases rate is 30 per 100,000, compared to Poland - 24.8, Bulgaria - 24.4 or Ukraine - 18.8, Romania Libera found out.

Could it be because of the living conditions? Let's just take note of the fact that students sue the Education Minister (Gandul) because the maximum possible amount of money they may receive as scholarship means lodging (in the University owned hostels) and 5 RON per day for food. Meaning 1.5 euros.

A good start for a stress career,

Stress may also have something to do with the unreasonably low income. Doctors and nurses flee to France and UK, where they may earn 10 to 20 times more than in Romania, Gandul reads.

A new field where Romanians are needed, but nowhere to be found, is in energy, where most specialists already work abroad. The problem is that we currently need them back, a.s.a.p, Adevarul cries.

Of course, we compensate, importing "top Romanians": multinational companies with experience in Romania give up expats for Romanians with experience abroad, according to Cotidianul.

Romanians may also suffer from stress because of the political frame, with its never-ending scandals.

While visiting Brussels, president Basescu pledged for Moldova's accession to the EU and for a coherent Black Sea policy (Adevarul), but also fired his cannons against the social-democrat Opposition, prime minister Tariceanu, businessmen and all that came to hand (Gandul).

Back home, his party colleagues, the Democrats, may soon be thrown out of the Government, in case the radical Liberals have their way with the Parliament, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

This time we won’t have a glass of wine to celebrate the death of several former healthy brain cells: Romania's market may soon be flooded by cheap Spanish and Italian wine, Romania Libera found out. No cheers!