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Romania to lower car tax under EC pressure

Marţi, 30 ianuarie 2007, 0:00

Romania gave ground to EU pressure on Tuesday as its Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu and European Commissioner Lazlo Kovacs agreed during talks in Brussels that the country reduce is a controversial tax for the first registration of cars.

The tax, introduced with the new Fiscal Code when Romania joined the European Union on January 1 this year, is applied differentatedly to imported or locally produced, new and used cars. It sparked a series of controversies as this differentiation was seen as a breach of EU regulations.

Vladescu and Kovacs agreed that Romanian and Brussels experts should continue talks to reach the best formula for the new tax in the coming weeks. Until a way to set the amount of the tax is established, the current legislation remains in place, Finance Ministry representatives told

Still, a large number of Romanians have already paid the tax and questions remain whether they’d get their money back once the law is changed.

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