Low temperatures and strong winds have hit many parts of Romania for the past two days after weeks of unusually warm weather. Road transport and port activities were affected by stormy snow falls on Monday as meteorologists announced bad weather would expand to much of Central, Northern and Western Romania.

Two national roads - DN 7A and DN 67C - were closed on Monday between Voineasa-Vidra and Novaci-Ranca respectively as plugs cannot clean up the snow stormed by strong winds in the area. The same condition led to the closure of the Midia and Constanta Sud-Agigea Fluvial ports on the Black Sea coast in SE Romania.

Authorities there say winds blow at 80-90 km/hour off coast and at 60 km/hour on the shore.

Dozens of other local roads were closed partially or completely due to heavy snow in the counties of Alba, Cluj, Bistrita-Nasaud and Maramures.

The Transport Ministry in Bucharest issued a warning that drivers avoid travelling in affected areas as much as possible.