Romanian Economy minister Varujan Vosganian said on Sunday that the second reactor of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant in SE Romania will run at full capacity by September 2007. He said it will start producing electricity in April.

On the third and fourth units of the Cernavoda plant Vosganian said they needed important investments - about 2 billion euro in total. A Governmental draft project to lure investors for the two units will be submitted by Monday.

The minister said the plant does not pose any risk to Cernavoda residents but that authorities would pursue a social program to develop the area.

“Romania’s energy strategy has a clear goal - to increase electricity production”, Vosganian said, adding that a 25% growth was needed by 2014, which would need important investments in the coming years.

And he said his ministry has initiated a program to boost the transparency in the sector, which is 52% controlled by the state.