A recent initiative by the opposition Social Democratic Party-PSD to start procedures for the suspension of President Traian Basescu was received with caution by the governing National Liberal Party and the small Conservative Party-PC. The two groups said they wound not support the move but might take into consideration similar actions against the head of state.

The PSD decision to submit a notification at the Constitutional Court for the suspension of President Basescu for allegedly breaching the Romanian Constitution was re-confirmed on Sunday.

The PSD, with support from another opposition group, the far-right Greater Romania Party-PRM, says the President breached the Constitution when he took public stand on several government and parliamentary issues earlier in January.

The Conservative Party, which shared power with the Liberal and Basescu’s Democrats until it withdrew from the government coalition late last year, said it did not support the PSD because the move to suspend the president is not well based judicially. But a PC representative said the party may promote an initiative of its own for Basescu’s suspension.

And a spokesman for the Liberals said on Sunday the party was analyzing the issue despite it cannot support the PSD move.