The project for a National Integrity Agency (ANI), capable to run checks on dignitaries' wealth was modified so it would be more similar to the initial draft, after several severe changes in the Parliament.

The main engine to enable ANI to check dignitaries wealth found an unexpected support at the Hungarians' Minority Democratic Union (UDMR), a political formation that holds the presidential seat in the Senate's Juridical Commission.

According to sources, UDMR negotiated the move with the Democrat Party, which offered in exchange their support for the "Minorities' Law".

The first draft for the ANI law enabled the Agency to "control the wealth and verify conflicts of interests and incompatibilities of persons exercising functions as public dignitaries".

While discussed in the Parliament, the draft was chopped to the limit where the entire agency would simply take note of the official wealth statements, not even to compare the statements with the real situation.