The problem of the climate changes made the headlines at the Davos Economic Forum. The small Swiss village shelters for five days a delegation representing the world’s most powerful 2000 people, gathered in search of a solution for an increasingly worrying problem.

One of the first conclusions was that developing countries are most affected by this phenomenon, created by the advanced countries.

Representatives of the developing countries expressed their decision to follow the growth of their economies, regardless the effects on the environment, in their attempt to fill the gap between them and the advanced countries.

“The United States and the countries within the Co-Operation and Development Organization are the ones that substantially contributed to the emission of gases causing greenhouse effects”, said Rahul Bajaj, CEO of the Indian company Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Another Indian, Sunil Bharti Mittal, president of the telecomm company Bharti Enterprises, showed that the developing countries need incentives in order to approach the environment problems any time soon.

Barbara Stocking, manager in the Oxfam Britain company, admitted that the poor countries are under a lot of pressure when being asked to reduce the fossil reserves. Meanwhile, the same countries find themselves between the most affected in the global warming process.