Heritage Foundation placed Romania 67th in the world's top of economic freedom, among the countries with a moderate degree of freedom, in the same group with Slovakia and Italy, but also Albania, Bali or Uganda.

The maximum degree of economic freedom is given when the citizens are free to work, produce, consume and invest as they like, without any restrictions imposed by the state, which only has a protective role.

The countries with the highest degree of economic freedom worldwide are Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, USA, New Zealand, UK and Ireland. In Europe, the leading countries are Estonia, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Sweden.

The economic freedom is proportional with the country's prosperity, the average income, the income of the poorest 10% of the citizens, life expectancy, child death rate, access to water and corruption.

Citizens in the best economies enjoy an average annual income of more than 24,000 US Dollars.