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US renews promise of visa waiver program for Eastern Europe

Miercuri, 24 ianuarie 2007, 0:00

An official of the American government will meet on Wednesday representatives of the Eastern Europe governments, including Romania, in order to discuss the elimination of visas for the Eastern citizens, a press release issued by the US Embassy reads, as quoted by Reuters.

Paul Rosenzweig , the deputy secretary of the International Affairs office within the Interior Security department will meet in Prague representatives of 13 states, in order to put up a "topic schedule" designed to facilitate the travel conditions for Eastern Europeans.
"In case the Congress approves the suggested reforms, the program will include several supplementary security issues but will eventually offer the possibility to travel to the US to all citizens in the countries that meet those elements", the press release reads.
The discussions taking place include Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Greece. South Korea will soon join the negotiations.

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