After a political crisis that lasted for more than a week seems to come to an end. Rumors say Liberals and Democrats negotiated mutual silence, but the latest statements made by some officials are far from completing the picture.

In the business area, total chaos reigns almighty: all the deals go down but keep a smiling, hopeful face.

Mighty professionals in the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) say they follow closely the moves Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and his "red right hand" Mikhail Tchernoy make on the Romanian market.

According to a SRI note, Tchernoy is connected to Deripaska and another controversial Russian businessman, Vitali Machitski and together they try to put their hands on the Romanian aluminum industry, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Well, let's see. Tchernoy is also known as "the RAFO man", where RAFO is the second most important refinery in Romania, with a 17 years history of scandals, abuse, embezzlement, theft, accidents, mobsters, penal managers and so on.

What the SRI professionals fail to see is that the RINKO Group, owner of the US-based Marco Commerce Chamber, held on its turn by Russians connected with the Russian mogul Machitski, currently controls ALRO Slatina, Alprom Slatina and ALUM Tulcea, meaning the most important three aluminum plants in Romania.

Taxpayers may feel a bit weird to find out that SRI makes notes after newspapers ten-years old.

Same Evenimentul Zilei publishes a sort of an epitaph for the controversial businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, sentenced to two years in jail after his involvement in some affairs that lead to the loss of hundreds of millions of euros.

"He is extremely dangerous", the judges that reached the sentence say, after explaining the purpose, the method and the effects of Vantu's business, a business that, according to the judges, jeopardized the stability of the entire banking system.

Still, Vantu owns at least two TV stations, without having its name in any papers (it would be illegal, since its not his first criminal sentence) and a series of central newspapers and magazines. He fears not the future, for he makes the future happen :).

As a matter of fact, we're so interested in espionage that the only spies we ever caught - in the recent scandal of the strategic privatizations - were released, still forbidden to leave Bucharest, because they "are not a social threat" (Cotidianul). And there were files against them, not a note!

But enough about these mobsters. Let's see what the other mobsters do in politics.

Former government party, Social Democrats, authors of the greatest heist in Romania's recent history, try to find seven more signatures to suspend president Basescu.

According to Gandul, they are aware that a public scrutiny would fail to cause early elections, but "we just want to see what Basescu does during that month between him being suspended and the scrutiny, when he's replaced by the Senate's speaker, social democrat Nicolae Vacaroiu", as another PSD member said.

A fair reason to throw the political stage into chaos, but maybe launching bomb threats in the presidential palace for a month would work better.

Speaking of Basescu: the scandal between him and the prime minister, translated in the Democrats vs. Liberals scandal may soon come to an end. Cotidianul reads in today's electronic version that the leaders of the two parties negotiated a small but priceless compromise.

Sources say that the Cotroceni blonde, Elena Udrea, and the Liberal troublemaker-firestarter Ludovic Orban are now banned from making war-like statements, so that the two parties would go on together as nothing happened. Even run together in the elections for the European Parliament. They were just having a laugh.

Still, in Gandul, Orban is far from silent, speaking of the president's "irresponsible statements" and his "pitiful mental health state". Not a good beginning for the truce, some might say.

And, as if to make sure no one believes in this truce, PM Tariceanu's inspectors check the "gang of companies" that gavitate around president Basescu. The gang includes Elena Udrea's husband and his construction business, Cotidianul reads.

Of course, the investigation doesn't really bother anyone. One of the friends close to the Bucharest Mayor, Adriean Videanu, Virgil Carstea, turned a landmark flower shop in the Herastrau park into a pub for a Democrat member, Jurnalul National reads.

Known as the "integration blonde bomb" Cristina Parvulescu, the new owner of the space, was the Integration Minister candidate who didn't know anything about Europe. Hopefully, she may have some skills in restaurants.

Th problem is, the same newspaper mentions, that Carstea "lost" a lot of funds designed for the parks' rehabilitation and is still about to recevive 50 million euros more.

Under these circumstances, is understandable why 20% of Romanians would prefer a black market job abroad, instead of a legal job in Romania, according to a Daedalus Consulting study quoted by Adevarul

Not only won’t Romanians work, but some won't even spend their money to get a new car. Why? First, local producer Dacia sells all models 200 euros more expensive, after introducing the Euro 4 standard (Evenimentul Zilei).

But, more important, the first registration tax still stands, at least for three months, while Romanian and European officials discuss the problem, says the Finance Minister Sebastian Vladescu, quoted by Gandul.

Meanwhile, the confusions leads to severe sale drops at Dacia, the company selling during the first three weeks of the year 50% of what it did las year, in the same period, same Gandul found out. Luckily, the exports grown, so the decrease doesn't affect deeply the business.

Speaking of jobs abroad: over 100 doctors demanded the necessary paperwork at the Health Ministry, as well as several hundreds of highly-qualified nurses, in order to leave the country and work in the Western Europe, Adevarul reads.

Not unexpectedly, some may say: the employees of the Ambulance Service went on Japanese strike yesterday. Besides the poor equipment on most cars, beside the laughable wages, the doctors may soon find they no longer have any ambulances, since the Health Minister, Eugen Nicolaescu, set new quality standards for the cars.

Of course, he did it without bothering to renew the auto park, so in some counties the number of cars may decrease to 50% or less. In one of the poorest counties, Vaslui, out of 47 cars, only 3 meet the new demands, same Adevarul informs.

This is Romania, leave it or leave it the way it is!