The Romanian IT&C industry will from now on be named RomaniaIT. The new brand identity will be included in all its marketing materials, will form the basis of promotional activities in the Romanian information technology sector and will be registered as a trademark.

The Romanian Government presented on Tuesday its branding strategy for IT exports and offered details about the implementation of the strategy. The RomaniaIT trademark is the result of a Romanian public-private partnership led by the Tech 21 Coalition.

While authorities claim the annual value of the Romanian IT sector will reach 1 billion euro in the next 2-3 years, there are skeptics who claim the target would have been reached without the creation of the brand.

“The community of exporters in the IT sector, evaluated at some 9,000 firms, will benefit of a better and more homogenous perception on foreign markets, with a potential for exports growth of over 1 billion euro”, Iuliu Winkler, minister-delegate for Economy and Trade said today.

The first event to use the new brand will be the CeBit 2007 fair to be organized in Hanover, Germany.

While the cost of the brand stands at 400,000 RON, minister Winkler could not say who paid more for the initiative - the public or the private sector. And the investment will not stop here as IT&C representatives say a further amount of 500,000 will fuel the brand this year alone.