The European Parliament commission investigating the alleged illegal activities by the CIA in Europe adopted the MEP Claudio Fava’s final report on the issue on Tuesday. The report does not bring any new elements since the previous one in July last year and is based more on assumptions, according to international media.

The Euobserver news website notes that the document has already sparked a series of disputes among members of the European Parliament. And International Herald Tribune says the MEPs for the European Popular Party tried to sweeten up the critical tone of the report with a series of amendments on Monday.

The report does not include direct evidence to prove the CIA controlled secret detention centers in Europe, but accuses several EU officials of not cooperating enoug with the investigators.

Revelations on alleged human rights breaches by the CIA in Europe first emerged in November 2005, when Washington Post published a report in this regard. the Human Rights Watch organization later identified Poland and Romania as possible hosts for alleged secret prisons. Authorities in both Warsaw and Bucharest repeatedly dismissed the claim.

In September 2006, US President George W. Bush admitted that terrorism suspects had been held in secret CIA prisons overseas but failed to specify where it happened.