Hundreds of parents from the Romanian city of Cluj have been collecting signatures against fast-food campaigns in local schools. The initiative prompted an independent deputy to initiate a draft bill aimed at banning such campaigns, promoted especially by McDonald’s.

“We are working at a draft bill banning the promotion of fast food products in kindergardens, schools and high-schools considered unhealthy for children”, deputy Mircea Giurgiu told His moves come as over 400 parents in Cluj, Western Romania have joined a campaing against fast-food advertising in local schools.

The protest comes as a local newspaper revealed in October last year the aggressive way in which McDonald’s has been promoting its products in Cluj schools.

The bill will be submitted to House debate before February 1, according to Giurgiu.

One of the parents involved in the protest, Mihaela Ignat, told that McDonald’s representatives have been visiting local schools to invite children buy their products.

Education Ministry officials have explained that Romanian schools have decision-making authonomy at local level in shuch cases.

And McDonald’s officials told that the company complies with the law and business ethics fully as what happened in Cluj schools “is not at all an advertising campaign or a move to promote the company’s products.

The only actions we operate in education units are those aimed at promoting an active and balanced life among children”, as McDonald’s PR manager Cristian Savu said.

But he failed to explain the way such campaigns are organized, where they take place and the nature of various partnerships with schools.