The head of Romania’s main opposition party has urged top Justice institutions to take note of corruption charges President Traian Basescu and PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu exchanged in a huge political scandal last week and announced he would inform EU leaders “in detail” about the political crisis in Romania.

In the latest episode of the scandal, Romanian prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu launched a new attack against President Traian Basescu on Sunday claiming that the head of state was trying to establish a “personal authority rule” in Bucharest, “following the Belarus model”.

Tariceanu’s new stand comes several days after his tense relationship with the President turned into open war, prompting the prime minister to promise he would not lose any occasion to criticize the head of state.

Mircea Geoana, the head of the Social Democratic Party-PSD, said the General Prosecutor’s Office, the High Court of Justice and the National Anti-corruption Department should prove that the Romanian justice system was not politically controlled.

And he said he would provide EU leaders “detailed information” about the conflict that ignited in Bucharest last week, when President Basescu accused PM Tariceanu of traffic of influence, while Tariceanu spoke of a circle of oligarchs under the wing of the head of state.

PSD’s intervention comes in advance of a week that announces to be very tense for the Romanian politics despite the two governing parties, Basescu’s Democrats and Tariceanu’s Liberals, gave signs they would agree to maintain their unstable coalition despite the crisis last week.