Romanian car producer Dacia - builder of the cheap berlin - launched in 2006 a break model for seven persons. The price / comfort report is unbeatable, daily “Le Figaro” notes, claiming that Dacia's product is the deal of the year. The model was officially launched in September, during the World Auto Show.

"In the middle of the sales season, we found a new break, for 8,800 euros in the five seats version and 10,640 euros for the seven seats".

In Eastern Europe, the price starts at 7,600 but the price is extremely competitive for this kind of car, the French journalists note.

Dacia/Renault delivered to France some 10,000 cars in 2005 and some 20,000 in 2006. Dacia will offer an 100,000 kilometers guarantee for most European states, a Renault press release informs.