The new cars market grew almost 19% in 2006, up to 256,364 units, a press release from the Car Importers' and Producers' Association (APIA) informs.

Local producer Dacia, owned by Renault, still leads in the sales top, with 96,037 units sold and a 37.5% market share. Dacia is followed by another local producer, Daewoo, with 23,075 units and a 9% market share.

The top continues with Renault (21,395 units, 8.3% market share) and Skoda (20,541 units, 8% market share).

The best selling imported model continues to be Renault Clio, with over 13,249 cars sold. Skoda follows with its Fabia model, 7,629 cars sold.

Renault Megan is the third ranking, with 6,882 units.

Opel's Astra Classic had the most spectacular evolution, with a 210% growth, up to 6,103 units.