Prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu released from his function Sebastian Bodu, the president of the Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF), a seat equal to the one as ministerial state secretary. The official reason: "Misleading the public opinion in governmental matters, through political statements", a Government press release informs.

Bodu is a member of the Democrat Party and recently had a few rounds of arguments with the Liberal Finance Minister Sebastian Vladescu, in the matter of some taxes and duties.

Tariceanu, according to the release, considers "unacceptable for a state secretary to challenge governmental decisions, instead of contributing to their fair application. Through his actions, he positioned himself outside the structure he was employed in".

The invoked statements are the ones on the first car registration tax, discussed by Bodu with a reporter from Evenimentul Zilei. Bodu believed the tax may contribute to a growth in the tax evasion practices.

"The first registration tax doesn't come against the European regulations. The only problem is the size of the tax, currently established by the Parliament, when the governmental version was an European one", the release shows.

Our note: Poland lost a lawsuit yesterday in the European Justice, because a Polish citizen considered this tax as abusive. The Polish state may have to return 555 million euros collected from the tax during 2007.