President Traian Basescu presented on Friday the main goals of the Romanian foreign policy for 2007, in front of the representatives of diplomatic missions to Bucharest. According to the chief of state, Romania's priorities in 2007 are to promote an "open-doors policy", to find solutions for the ongoing conflicts in the Balkans and to support the energy security.

Traian Basescu believes that the European Union should be more convincing in the international area and impose itself in the new international political configuration.

"Europe's ambition to build a credible and efficient foreign project depends on its capacity to manage its interior challenges, some of it being far from being simple tasks, if we think of the Constitution Treaty".

In energy, Basescu pleads for the diversifying, liberalization and co-operation between the political and economic players, as well as for investments in research and development.

Basescu also declared that Romania would support Moldova's accession to the EU, promoting an "open-doors policy" and asking for Moldova to be treated just like the rest of the West-Balkans states.

The second interest area would be Kosovo, where the international community must prove it can offer a viable solution. "Romania intends to provide for this region all the instruments and mechanism needed to fight the illegal traffic of any kind and to fight terrorism", said Basescu.

At the same time, Romania will fulfill all its promises made towards NATO, including those referring to the war in Iraq. "The accession to the EU won't alter the way we see NATO, on the contrary, it would plead for a co-operation between EU and NATO", says president Basescu.