The Democrats accused prime minister Tariceanu of influencing the Justice system. The Liberals summons the president back within the Constitutional frame. No one backs up, still the two parties seem to stick together in the governing alliance.

After an emergency meeting that lasted for a few hours, the Liberals declared their total support for the Government and the Prime Minister. Liberals expressed the hope that Democrats would act maturely, so that the Alliance wouldn't go to war.

The Liberal official statements indicate president Traian Basescu as the only one responsible for the scandal on influencing Justice.

Meanwhile, the Democrats roughly criticize Tariceanu's practice in influencing Justice and totally supports president Basescu's gesture, according to the Democrat Party president, Emil Boc.

About the letter sent by Tariceanu to Basescu, asking him to intervene in favor of a Liberal businessman, Democrats say that "we don't know whether it's influence trafficking or not, but it's definitely crossing the borders of each power in the state. It is not admissible for an administration institution to intervene in Justice processes".