The weather prognosis for today proved to be true. The strong winds caused several trees to fall on the 17th and 18th national roads (DN), causing major traffic disturbances. It rains in the Northern Romania and Transylvania, while some snow falls in the mountains.

The winds continue with over 100 kilometers per hour strength. Several counties - all Transylvania, the Western border and the seaside counties - are in yellow alert state.

Even stronger winds are expected all over the country on Friday and Saturday.


- The traffic is closed on the 18th national road (DN 18), between Carlibaba and Botos.

- A rend tree fell on the gym building of a school in Straja, Hunedoara, without causing any victims.

- Over 200 villages in Transylvania have the power cut due to accidents on the power line.

- In Europe, the same storm led to the death of 44, over half of them in Germany (11) and UK (14).