Spy games, trouble, contradictions, influence trafficking, blondes, Bonds and threats - that's the political picture for today. Besides, some of the Romanians may work abroad, some may not. And a weather piece of news: after two-three months without the traditional snow, weatherpersons say it's not healthy for the crops.

In the neverending scandal of ministers spying for foreign companies, ENEL is shown as a possible beneficiary of the secret info, Cotidianul reads.

Romanians that don’t like living in Romania may really meet "The Sun's" expectations and invade UK, in case they are architects or medical doctors, categories that have their diplomas recognized within the EU. (Evenimentul Zilei)

Even more, according to Gandul, Romanians that worked for an year or more in Ireland no longer need a Green Card. A few weeks more and they'd be singing "A nation once again", speaking of Romania, of course.

Even more good news from the same Gandul: higher wages for Romanians working in Spain - the minimum salary is now 570.60 euros per month, instead of 540 in 2006. Mom, can you spell McDonald's? Or is it too much of a luxury?

At least we're not on the way to join Moldova, the very last country bordering Romania that has lower minimum income than Romania. President Basescu changed his speech from "two states, one people" to "two peoples…" and some… never mind (Evenimentul Zilei). Nevertheless, 530,000 Moldavians hope for Romanian citizenship.

Even they didn't believe in Romania's accession to the EU before seeing it live on CNN!

Despite the avalanche of bad news, the Romanian currency, RON, is gaining field in front of both euros and dollars: 6.3% profit in RON deposits, compared to 2.8% or international currencies (Evenimentul Zilei).

Last but not least, Romanians are about to chose their 35 representatives in the European Parliament. Some newspapers (i.e. Romania Libera) claim they shouldn't be Communists or collaborators of the former political police, Still not enough to create a fuss or at least a flash mob.

Romania Libera

Weather-men and -women say that the long worm winter is bad for the crops (Romania Libera). When UK radicals heard the same prognosis read in the liver of a freshly cut pig, they laughed.

And a nice piece to end with: Romanians quarreled so much on who should hold the EP speech that the Speaker of the European Parliament had to postpone the discussions. At least Cotidianul is happy with the fact that Bulgarians did the same thing.