The recent trade disputes between Russia and Belarus that affects the oil supplies to several EU countries has renewed debates on the energy independence of the European Union. The Commission in Brussels presents a new set of measures on Wednesday trying to cut down fuel consumption and the level of pollution in member states.

According to the BBC, the proposals, including the full liberalization of the energy sector in Europe, must be accepted by all member states. But analysts say that some of the proposals are far from agreed by the EU-27, especially when it comes to encourage competition in the sector.

The debate comes as five countries - Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary - have been affected by the Russia-Belarus dispute, which affected deliveries through the Druzhba pipeline crossing Belarus early this week.

Both the EC and the German presidency of the Union have called the disputes inacceptable as they affect EU member states, which were consulted when a set of tariffs were boosted in the energy trade between Moscow and Minsk over the the past several weeks.