Right-wing extremists in the European Union managed to form their own caucus after years of failed attempts. EP Bruno Gollnisch, member of Jean Marie Le Pen's National Front, publicly announced that he managed to gather the 20 members required to form a parliamentarian group.

The forming of the caucus is due mostly to the recent accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the EU, the two countries bringing a total of six members for the group.

The caucus would be formed by seven French in the National Front, including Le Pen and his daughter, Marine, Austrian Andreas Moelzer, from the Liberty Party, three Belgians from the Flemish party Vlaams Belang, UK's Ashley Mote, two Italians, including Alessandra Mussolini, one Bulgarian and five Romanians.

The new group will be named "Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty". Such a group existed until 1994, when most far right politicians preferred to remain independent.