The Government was pretty busy during its last session (December 21), adopting a long string of Governmental Decisions and promulgating emergency ordinances on a raw.

Leasing contracts worth over 200 million euros, erasing 700 million euros debts from companies, closing the Telecom Regulation Agency, all of it just before the entire country went on holiday.

Accepting an initiative from the Economy Ministry, the Govt. approved erasing some 700 million debts gathered by companies in energy, transportation and public utilities field, including notorious debtors such as Nuclearelectrica, CFR (National Railroad), Enet, Termoelectrica, Termoelectrice Giurgiu, Minvest Deva, Remin Baia Mare etc.

Such a decision would normally require the approval of the Competition Council, but it is still unclear whether such a demand was submitted or not.

Also the Interior Minister got a leasing contract for vehicles acquisition worth some 200 million euros.