Romania marks 17 years since its anti-communist revolution these days with a series of events that started in Timisoara - where hell was unleashed on December 16, 1989 - yesterday and would continue throughout the country. A march was organized in Bucharet in the memory of Revolution heroes as well.

A symbolic “flame of the Revolution” was lit at the balcony of the Romanian Opera on Saturday and would stay lit until December 22, the peak of violent events 17 years ago.

December 17, 1989 was the most terrible day in the history of Timisoara, the Western Romania city where the revolution started. That day, anti-communist protesters entered the county committee HQ and three party documents and symbols out of the windows. They tried to put the building on fire but were stopped by military units.

Soldiers followed dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s orders and fired at protesters across much of downtown Timisoara, prompting unheavals in Bucharest and other major cities across the country.