The Competition Council has finalized investigations on the Romanian cable market and applied fines amounting to 25,944,809 RON (some 7.5 million euro) to four companies charged with cartel behaviour. The four companies are UPC Romania, RCS&RDS, Astral Telecom and Cablevision of Romania.

The Council found that in 2001 UPC Romania concluded a deal with HI-FI QUADRAL to divide the cable market in the western city of Timisoara. That was found as a move to undermine competition and thus UPC was fined 7,258,984 RON, while RCS&RDS as rightful successor to HI-FI with 807,272 RON.

The Council also found that Astral Telecom - which was acquired by UPC in a merger deal that concluded this autumn - and Cablevision of Romania have committed an abuse of dominant position in Bucharest where they applied unjustifiably boosted tariffs.

In this case, UPC as successor for Astral was applied a fine of 17,605,784 RON, while Cablevision with 273,766 RON.