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What the newspapers say: December 6, 2006

Miercuri, 6 decembrie 2006, 0:00

Sublime, untrustworthy and extremely surprising, This is the picture the media publishes this midweek. NASA cracker is a D- student, the president that’s sworn to protect Romania brings on the Apocalypse, Opposition parties get to be credible and Romanian anarchists vote for football manager.

Three new ministers await for their nomination, as Evenimentul Zilei found out: Varujan Vosganian for vice PM, Dan Motreanu for Agriculture and Mircea Toader for Economy. Vosganian, to say the least, is a quarrel issue for Democrats, who say that his nomination by Liberals would be a bluff.
Vosganian’s nomination equally upset Liberals running for the free seats and Democrats, who assume the portfolio.

After the recent political crisis, caused by the Conservative Party leaving the governing alliance, most people would still vote for president Basescu and his party. Social-democrat opposition fails to find a true leaders, causing extremists to vote for controversial football &real estate mogul Gigi Becali, according to the same Evenimentul Zilei

In the Opposition, Social Democrat party faces a new challenge: Sorin Oprescu, famous surgeon and hospital manager, runs for party presidency against shape shifting Mircea Geoana, current PSD president with a former known sympathy for the governing parties.

Sfantul Nicolae, aka St. Nicholas has his own celebration today, Opposition parties getting nothing more than punishment objects in their shoes, as opposed to governing parties that find nothing at all. The only newspaper that gives today’s saint his lawful place is Romania Libera.

Seriously now, we’re in trouble. President Basescu accused recently the Russian natural gas monopolistic attitude. As a result, Russia banned all meat imports from the EU, saying that Romanian products are unsafe, Gandul reads.

Diplomacy sources claim it’s a signal that Romanian-Russian relations see to much of a running deterring. But Romanians know better, Opposition or not.

Speak of the devil, a major natural gas company lost its general manager yesterday (Itera Samara lost Samoilenko: Adevarul), due to his unexpected, surprising and tragic death caused by a series of bullets shot from an automatic weapon. Romanians keep on sleeping tight, with a president guarded by less people than Samoilenko.

After all, is it negotiable or not, all this fuss around EU accession and Russian monopoly? Well, in case it is, Romania isn’t a part of it. As a poor example of local civilization, a plane nearly crashed on Tuesday after hitting a horse on the runway, as Adevarul “unveils”.

Internationally speaking, it’s better to have Romania as a friend than an enemy. We have cruel-hearted hackers that might break into any server, as all the media, all around the world, informed. Is it true?
No!!! It’s the rough answer given by SirVic’s (renowned hacker named Victor Faur in the real world) teachers. D minus is a compliment for Victor, so NASA might just as well hire all Romanian D+ students to secure its network. Find out more about Victor at Jurnalul National.

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