The permanent boards of the two chambers of the Romanian Parliament are due to discuss today the nomination of a new Economy minister as the coalition in power is struggling to find a way to keep the government running after the withdrawal of the Conservative Party, which left it without a parliamentary majority.

House speaker Bogdan Olteanu announced after long talks today that a solution was found to possible constitutional problems related to the nomination of new ministers to replace the leaving Economy minister and deputy prime minister, who represented the Conservative Party.

According to Olteanu, only one of the fresh nominees will have to receive the parliamentary approval. He is Mircea Toader, who’s been nominated to take over the Economy Ministry portfolio.

Another nominee, Liberal Varujan Vosganian, will not need such a vote as the seat of deputy prime minister will remain vacant. Instead, he is due to take over the responsibilities of Democratic officials in charge with the coordination of economic activities in the Romanian Government, according to Olteanu.

Toader would face specialized commissions in the Parliament on Thursday and a plenary session next Monday.

A new minister for Agriculture, Dan Motreanu, does not have to constitutionally receive the approval of the parliament as this is needed only for ministers nominated as a result of changes to the political formula of the government. Or, Motreanu is to take over a seat that belonged to a resigned Liberal, not to a PC representative.