The secretary general of the National Liberal Party-PNL Dan Montreanu was nominated to take over the reigns of the Agriculture Ministry following the dismissal of the previous minister, who entered a political conflict between PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu and a group of dissident Liberals.

The Liberals also nominated their spokesman Varujan Vosganian as deputy prime minister, while Mircea Toader was nominated by the Democratic Party-PD to take over the Economy Ministry portfolio.

The last two seats remained vacant after the small Conservative Party decided to withdraw from the Government last weekend. While the departure left PNL, PD and the Hungarian Democrats-UDMR in the position of a minority government, the three groups decided last night they would try to gain a majority of votes in Parliament by drawing the support of specific MPs.

Before its withdrawal, PC held the seats of deputy prime minister and of Economy minister in the government.

Earlier this year, Varujan Vosganian had been nominated to represent Romania in the European Commission, but was forced to withdraw his candidacy after a series of allegations that he collaborated with ex-dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s secret police. He has repeatedly dismissed the allegations.