Twins Maria and Anastasia Tolmachevy, the representatives of Russia in the Eurovision Junior 2006 children music contest, won the fourth edition of the contest in Bucharest on December 2. They defeated all competition with “Veseniy jazz” (Spring Jazz) that drew them 154 points.

Romania’s New Star Music concluded the contest on the sixth position with “Povestea mea” (My Story, 80 points total), after Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Spain and Serbia.

Here is how the participants scored:

1.Portugal: Pedro - “Deixa-me sentir” -22 points

2.Cyprus: Louis Panagiotou si Christina Christofi - “Agoria, Koritsia” - 58 points

3.Netherlands: Kimberly - “Goed” - 44 points

4.Romania: New Star Music - 80 points

5.Ukraine: Nazar Slyusarchuk - “Khlopchyk rock-n-roll” -58 points

6.Spain: Dani - “Te doy mi voz” - 90 points

7.Serbia: Neustrasivi ucitelji stranih jezika -“Ucimo strane jezike” - 81 points

8.Malta: Sophie - “Extra cute” - 48 points

9.Macedonia: Zana Aliu - “Vljubena” - 14 points

10. Sweden: Molly Sanden - “Det finaste nagon kan fa” -116 points

11.Greece: Chloe Boleti - “Then Pirazi” -35 points

12.Belarus: Andrei Kunets - “Novyi den” -129 points

13.Belgium: Thor! - “Een tocht door het donke”- 71 points

14.Croatia: Mateo Djido - “Lea” -50 points

15.Russia: surorile Tolmachevy “Vesniy jazz” - 154 points

The organizers of the show, hosted by the Polivalenta Hall in Bucharest, were the European Broadcasting Union and the Romanian public television, TVR.