The Conservative Party-PC decision to withdraw from the Romanian Government sparked a series of reactions among Romanian and European politicians, who either accuse PC of demagogy or are still waiting for the situation to get clearer.

The deputy head of the Socialists group in the European Parliament Hannes Swoboda recommends that the new political crisis in Bucharest end be as short as possible.

“The first nine months after the EU accession are very important because they involve necessary reforms and efforts to avoid the application of EU safeguard clauses. If there is a crisis, it should be short and the new government be formed through elections or other method.

The most important thing for you is to have a strong Government very soon”, Swoboda was quoted by Radio France International.

The Liberal Party-PNL said it was “concerned” about the situation created by the announced withdrawal of the PC, especially as the decision comes shortly before Romania’s EU accession on January 1, 2007.

PNL spokesman Varujan Vosganian told that his party could not yet say whether it was an irrevocable gesture or just a sign that PC wanted a renegotiation of governmental strategies.

Meanwhile, Democratic Party-PD president Emil Boc said that in his view the PC decision was taken because of a recent scandal involving Economy Ministry officials linked to controversial privatizations in Romania’s energy sector. “It sounds like demagogy to me that every time a problem appears PC blames it on the PD and on President Traian Basescu”, Boc said.

The Economy minister portfolio has been held by PC member Codrut Seres.

And the Hungarian Democrats-UDMR, the other junior member of the governing coalition, believe “we now have a minority government that will not be supported in the Parliament. Still, the PC has not been supporting the governmental projects so far either”, as UDMR head Marko Bela told