Economy minister Codrut Seres submitted a complaint against a Romanian deputy at the National Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office-DNA on Monday in a case related to fresh revelations in the story of privatizations of energy companies in the country.

Official sources within the Economy Ministry have said Seres accuses Deputy Ioan Oltean of the Democratic Party-PD of traffic of influence by pressing authorities for certain energy contracts.

Seres was on a counter-offensive position on Monday after a series of media reports that link him to a Bulgarian businessman suspected of espionage by meddling with the privatization of major energy companies in Romania.

The Romanian minister has said he would send an open letter to the Justice minister on Monday accusing the use of the judicial system in political purposes as part of the ongoing inquiry into the strategic privatizations in the country.

And he already said in an interview published by Romanian newspaper Jurnalul National on Monday that Deputy Ioan Oltean had asked him repeatedly to help a private company buy electricity from the Romanian state.

A week ago, Seres said he was pressed by all political parties in Romania because of his reluctance to accept that electricity be sold in other ways than on a special bourse.