The management of the Enel power company has announced it was ready to declassify a contract with the Romanian state over the privatization of electricity facilities in the country.

The company thus joins OMV in collaborating with Romanian authorities as they have launched a major campaign to clear things up about the privatization of Romanian energy companies, after a series of controversies related to the sale of Petrom to OMV.

ENEL says in a press release that following an appeal in this regard by Romanian President Traian Basescu at the Supreme Defense Council yesterday, Enel as a good corporate citizen of the country was ready to comply with the national legislation and regulations related to the privatization of the energy companies.

It said it was ready to comply with a call to declassify the privatization contract if such a call existed, but said the formal accord was needed from the Electrica company, the other shareholder of Enel Electrica Banat and Enel Electrica Dobrogea.

For its part, E.ON Gaz Romania said it was informed about President Traian Basescu’s statements yesterday but it was waiting for an official request from the Romanian authorities before it declassifies the deal that led to its privatization. And it warned that it was the duty of its shareholders, E.ON Ruhrgas and the Romanian Government, to make a decision in this regard.