Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu said at the end of a Government session on Wednesday that he has called for the declassification of a final report on the privatization of the Romanian Commercial Bank-BCR.

The appeal comes hours before a Supreme Defense Council gathering in Bucharest today would discuss the privatizations occurred in the Romanian energy sector as well as a contract by which a majority stake in Romanian oil company Petrom was acquired by Austrian company OMV.

The privatization of BCR is the most valuable such process in CE Europe. A bid to take over a 61.88% of BCR was won by Erste Bank last year. Erste Bank paid 3.75 billion euro for the package, 2.2 billion of which went to the Romanian state.

The Austrian bank took effective control of BCR in autumn this year and is now running a public offer to buy BCR shares from bank employees (an 8% stake).