Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu asked Agriculture minister in a Government session on Wednesday to submit his resignation as the executive leadership of the Liberal Party-PNL, to which both belong, had decided to withdraw the political support for minister Gheorghe Flutur over internal differences of the party.

Tariceanu stated later that he would send President Traian Basescu a request to revoke Flutur from the government.

„I offered him the opportunity to resign by himself as he no longer represents PNL. We must understand that a minister of the Government does not represent himself... but a party of the governing coalition”, PM Tariceanu said.

And he stated that Flutur did not want to submit a „honorable resignation”, which determined the appeal to President Basescu.

Still, according to the Romanian law, while the head of state is the one to decide whether a minister is changed or not, he is not forced to do so in any circumstances.

PNL sources told that Traian Basescu would disagree with Flutur’s dismissal and might defend his efficiency as a minister of Agriculture.

Flutur has come at loggerheads with the PNL leadership as he has joined a group of dissident Liberals calling for a thorough reform of the party.