President Traian Basescu met on Thursday the NATO secretary general, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, with the main topic represented by the possibility for the Organization to involve in the energy problem some of their member states face.

Scheffer’s signal confirms NATO’s interest in the energy security, proved also by a recent confidential report that warns on Russia’s intention to build a natural gas cartel. The two officials decided that the energy security should also be put on the agenda of the next NATO summit in Riga.

The first discussions on NATO’s involvement in the energy market came after Financial Times wrote about a potential gas cartel formed by Russia, Algeria, Qatar, Libya, the Central Asia states and Iran.

Traian Basescu warned last week, during a meeting with foreign journalists, that the European Union must find solution so that it wouldn’t be dependent on the Russian gas deliveries.

The energy security problem is also about to be discussed by Romania’s Supreme Defense Council.