Some 110 persons were arrested on Wednesday in a major Police action in the areas of Raval and Sant Antoni in Barcelona. The target of the operation was the annihilation of the pandering and prostitution network in the area.

The manhunt started at 6:00 AM and wasn’t finished at 20:00 PM. Meanwhile, Police searched 24 locations where the alleged hosts for prostitution nests, most of them Romanians, were exploiting women illegally living on Spanish territory.

The crime organization was dealing with human and minors trafficking and document forgery.

The prostitutes were looking for clients in the Sant Antoni Plaza area and used to take them to apartments rented in Raval.

Police officials said that 93 of the arrested persons were Romanians.

In March, other 200 Romanians were detained for pandering, credit card cloning, document forgery, forbidden substances trafficking and robberies involving violence.