Social democrat deputy Adrian Nastase, prime minister between 2000 and 2004 claimed during a press conference on Wednesday that human rights were forgotten in his case and state abuse took place. “They invented facts and accused me of doing it. People believe Nastase is guilty for everything”, Nastase said.

After pointing at the media manipulation through “Justice sources”, Nastase said he would make available for the press all the 19 files opened against him, “without any grounds”, as he says.

“The situation the citizen Nastase is in is an example for the Justice abuse. They talk about large amount of money in order to create a negative perception. Without any evidence, new files are opened on my name. Selling children and international adoptions are just a few of the accuses”, said Nastase.

For the ending note after the bitter taste, Nastase added: “Prime minister Tariceanu won’t be so relaxed when he’s no longer prime minister”.