A report compiled by the rapporteur of the European Parliament for Romania, Pierre Moscovici, was debated in Strasbourg yesterday as it welcomes Romania’s EU accession and supports the January 1, 2007 day set in this regard.

In his report, Moscovici praises the efforts made by Romanian authorities to comply with the tasks of accession but underscores the need of continuing reforms in certain sectors, such as the judiciary and food safety, as long as of a better check on how EU funds are used in the country.

Romanian observers at the European Parliament are trying to obtain the exclusion from the report of certain new provisions speaking of organized crime in Romania. The provisions, supported by some MEPs, did not exist in the previous Moscovici report.

The document is due to be voted by the European Affairs Committee of the European parliament on November 23 and in a plenary session on November 29.