Theodor Stolojan, a dissident who’s been recently excluded from the governing National Liberal Party-PNL, said in an interview with he had nothing against a dialogue with PNL president Calin Popescu Tariceanu, the country’s prime minister, as long as the talks focus on a new platform for the party.

And he warned Tariceanu and his team would have to abandon the leadership of the group early next year because of the increasing number of Liberals who agree with the new platform, which is opposed by Tariceanu&Co.

Stolojan was ousted from PNL, a party he presided until 2004, earlier this autumn due to his criticism of the current PNL leadership and close relations with President Traian Basescu, who’s long been at loggerheads with Tariceanu. Soon after his expulsion, Stolojan announced he would focus on a new political project.

He and several other dissidents announced a new “Liberal platform” aimed at reforming the Liberal movement in the country.

He told that there was a real risk that PNL would break in half due to the existing differences within the party and if that happened PNL leader Tariceanu would bear all responsibility.

Stolojan said that while he was accused of not complying with Liberal values and principles it was Tariceanu and his cronies who dodged all this criteria. And he said that ongoing debates related to his possible return to the party, under very serious terms, should focus on the return of all those who were expelled from PNL this year.

And he said the only solution for the party was for its current leadership to “realize they’re leading the party to disaster and make the correct decisions in the 25 hour”.