The Democrats search consolidation in a cleavage, the Liberals face unexpected support for the recently expelled Theodor Stolojan, while the former PM Nastase tells how he almost convinced today’s president, Basescu, to team up with him. If you think this is fun, wait until Jango Edward, the world’s greatest clown, puts up his first show in Romania.

Over 30 parliamentarians demanded yesterday PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu to bring settle the conflict with the former party president, Theodor Stolojan, all newspapers rush to inform.

The result is nothing more than a premeditated coincidence: the leader of the “National Initiative Party” (PIN) unveils the fact that Stolojan was a sort of “cashier” for Ceausescu’s political police, Securitate (Evenimentul Zilei).

Well that’s just the way politics work! But the economy is a source for even more laughable statements.

Associated Press and, subsequently, Houston Chronicle, were informed by the Foreign Minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, that Romania is about to become one of Europe’s economy tigers, as href="">Gandul reads.

One of the tiger’s kitties should be, in this case, oil giant Petrom, where nobody really knows who is going to buy some Petrom shares at a special price - those who were employed at the privatization date or those who still have their jobs.

Economy Minister goes for the first version, Justice Minister for the second (Evenimentul Zilei).

Yesterday, the news was about the Green Tax and the way the electrical and electronic waste would be recycled. Now we know that recycling is a project that still has to wait, since even the hospital and clinical waste is taken to garbage dumps near Bucharest, instead of being incinerated, as Romania Libera complains.

For all this kind affairs, Romanians get to smile a bit more: the founder of the Smile Church and of the Comical Religion, world’s most famous clown, Jango Edward, will president his “Classic Duo” in Bucharest this weekend, Romania Libera reads

As for the rest, it’s all the same.

The UK ambassador in Romania answered the letter sent by the Romanian Press Club (CRP), showing that the articles published about Romania in several central newspapers are a sign of freedom of expression and healthy debate, Gandul quotes.

The Democrats went to Brussels to at the European Popular Party reunion and brought with them the most famous cleavage in Romania, belonging to the sexiest female politician, Elena Udrea. In order to “strengthen” the team, Adevarul comments. In case politics fail to be a career, the show-biz is open for the entire delegation.