The Parsons Brinckerhoff Power (PBP) company has won a tender organized by Romanian energy company Transelectrica for consulting services aimed at restructuring Romania’s energy system. The tender, involving a 400,000 euro contract, has also included MVV Consulting and KPMG Romania, which have a 15-day deadline to challenge the result.

PBP is the subsidiary of a group involved in several controversial businesses including an ongoing scandal in the US.

The contract will be applied once it is published in the Official Gazette in Romania and spans two months. PBP has to accomplish a study on the development of the national energy system at minimal costs.

The company is haunted by a series of deals from Trinidad Tobago to the United States. It has been employed by the Trinidad government to provide consulting services for a high speed railway, but according to Trinidad media the deal was halted following a conflict of interests involving a series of PBP representatives, who had common interests with the Vinci group, the builder of that railway.

Another scandal involving Parsons Brinckerhoff is currently developing in the US. A Bechtel-PB joint venture has produced a project on the construction of a tunnel in Boston. The works was poorly made and led to the collapse of a part of the tunnel. One man died in the event.

Both Vinci and Bechtel, the PBP partners, have been involved in scandals related to highway projects in Romania over the past two years.